• Street Kids in Manila

    This heart warming video captures the daily struggles of these street kids for survival. Left to fend for themselves, an estimate of 1.8 million children are abandoned or neglected in the Philippines and many ended up on the streets of major urban centers like Manila. Their basic rights to food, clothing and shelter are completely violated by US ALL if we failed to take a small step forward by taking action. USOPEA needs your support to provide assistance to these precious children. Abandoned and Homeless!
  • A Day in the Life of an Orphan in India

    This short video highlights the daily lives of these homeless children who are subjected to unimaginable hardship due to the lack of basic food, shelter, and clothing. These most vulnerable children are exploited by criminals and are often trafficked into a life of slavery. Let's take action to help these kids find their way into a decent orphanage wherever they may be. USOPEA is currently supporting the Aadarana Orphanage in Hyderabad, India in caring and providing a home for 75 orphans with all the basic necessities and education and most of all a safe homely environment which every child deserves.
  • Extreme Poverty in the Phillipines

    Breaking out of the vicious cycle of poverty is close to impossible without external intervention. This 2 min slide show captures the punishing realities of these helpless children devoid of any hopes for the future and extremely vulnerable to exploitation. USOPEA is actively engaged with local ground partners to provide a helping hand to these precious children. Let's give them hope and dreams of a better future.


  • Child Labor & Nicotine Poisoning in Indonesia

    The painful reality of poverty impacting the lives of these young Indonesian children forced to work in the tobacco fields to help support the family. This treacherous path is no way forward for these precious children caught up in the cycle of poverty while exposing their young bodies to nicotine poisoning and deprived of basic education. Let's give these kids a helping hand.