• Finishing the job of ending poverty in South Asia

    According to the World Bank's report published on Oct 17, 2018,
    while rates of extreme poverty have declined substantially, falling from 36 percent in 1990, the report’s expanded examination of the nature of poverty demonstrates the magnitude of the challenge in eradicating it. Over 1.9 billion people, or 26.2 percent of the world’s population, were living on less than $3.20 per day in 2015. Close to 46 percent of the world’s population was living on less than $5.50 a day.
  • Child Sex Trafficking in the Phillipines

    No accurate data exists on the number of child victims of cybersex trafficking, but at least 784,000 people in the Philippines, or one in 130 are estimated to be trapped in modern-day slavery, according to the Walk Free Foundation. There was an increase of 33% reported online child sexual abuse in 2018 to 60,000 cases. Philippines is now at the epicenter of cybersex exploitation of children and many organizations are fighting hard on the ground to rescue some of these precious children. Let's join forces to contain and eliminate this poison from spreading any further. USOPEA is collaborating with various ground partners in providing assistance to school children with focus on education as the prime mitigating force to combat extreme poverty as the root cause of this serious threat to our precious children.
  • Dangerous Task for Daily Clean Water

    Join these 2 kids in rural Indonesia on their daily long journey often dangerous with the monsoon rain to gather clean water. 9 out of 10 families in rural Indonesia do not have access to clean water and our precious children are tasked with gathering clean water. Let's give these kids a break by joining USOPEA in supporting clean water projects through out the world.
  • Commemorating 30th Anniversary Convention on the Rights of the Child

    Curious on how we are doing on the issue of child labor 30 years later...
    On 20th November, 1989 world leaders made a historic commitment to the world's children by adopting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Get caught up on the current state of affairs with this excellent 5 minute read.